• Imber

The history behind Imber is fascinating.

Until 1943 Imber was like any other village on Salisbury Plain, but, during World War II when the entire civilian population was evicted to provide an exercise area for American troops preparing for D-Day. After the war villagers were not allowed to return to their homes and the village remains under the control of the Ministry of Defence. 

Today, access to the ‘Salisbury Plain Ghost Village’ is only permitted on special days when the church is allowed to open, this is usually once in the spring, summer, and at Christmas. The best way to keep up to date with opening times is to subscribe to the newsletter on the Imber Church website. 

The historic medieval church of St Giles, which is cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust, is the only building that is accessible on the open days. The rest of the buildings are off-limits to visitors, but you can explore the main street and see the historic buildings that remain, including several that date to at least the 18th century. 

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