Cllr Corbin becomes 760th Mayor of Salisbury

Councillor Mrs Caroline Corbin has become the 760th The Right Worshipful the Mayor of the City of Salisbury.

The event took place at a meeting with the new full Salisbury City Council in The Guildhall on Monday 17 May 2021, during which Councillors witnessed the handover of the Mayoral Chain from the retiring Mayor, John Walsh to Caroline Corbin.

Cllr Caroline Corbin - Experience Salisbury

Cllr Corbin said, “I was born and raised in Salisbury and have experienced lots of changes over the years. I was educated through state school system with a disability and in the 70’s was no mean feat! It’s where I learnt to be resilient.

“As an adult I have been blessed with family and friends who have supported me throughout my life. When I became a Councillor in 2013 I did so with great pride and aspiration to do the best for the Community of Bemerton and expand that into Salisbury as a whole.

“My aspirations for the City as we embrace 2021 and beyond is to practice kindness, acceptance, and understanding, building a strong community, we have heard a lot recently about adverse Mental Health issues, Covid has added to these pressures, the fallout from which will take years to calculate.  I am keen to see more Mental Health training offered so we can support our own wellbeing as well as for others.  Society needs to be kinder.

“I would like to see more new businesses which will encourage our young residents to stay and grow our economy. Salisbury is a beautiful place with a wide diverse population we need a greater reflection of that in the amenities we offer”

The Mayor has not formally committed to any Mayoral charity this year, however she will be fundraising for Mental Health and LGBT causes throughout her Mayoral year, as well as seeking to support the Secret Spitfire fund and the many other good causes which benefit the residents of Salisbury.

The Deputy Mayor for 2021 – 2022 is Cllr Tom Corbin. Cllr Tom Corbin will also act as the Mayor’s Consort.

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