The Ripple Effect has now arrived at Salisbury parks

Salisbury City Council has announced its involvment in The Ripple Effect; a new initiative bringing small bursts of culture and knowledge to city’s parks and green spaces.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been connecting to nature and enjoying outdoor spaces in new and increased ways. Thanks to secured funding, the Institute of Archelogy is working with famous artist Miranda Creswell, to bring small bursts of culture and knowledge directly to people near sites of archaeological interest.

Visitors of Churchill Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Gardens can now enjoy pieces of original artwork from artist Miranda Creswell and archaeological fact sheets all about the River Avon displayed in the notice boards. These will be available to view over the next 5 weeks.

Other community noticeboards across England have also transformed into micro-galleries, with original artworks on paper displayed alongside new research. These artworks and research focus on rivers and palaeochannels – ancient rivers that are now lost – in order to highlight how humans have engaged with rivers in the past and present.

The Mayor of Salisbury, Cllr Caroline Corbin said:

“We are lucky to have such a lovely range of parks and green spaces in our city. Thank you to artist Miranda Creswell and the Institute of Archaeology for involving Salisbury in this lovely project, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the River Avon and enjoy original artwork in Churchill Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Gardens.”

The outdoor culture hubs will be a new way of looking at art and archaeology (outside of museums and galleries) and will directly reference the area in which the person is standing.

Photographs of all the artworks and more in-depth articles about the archaeology will be published online, so that people at one noticeboard can ‘visit’ (using a QR code) the other noticeboards around the country.

For more information, email the councils Parks team at parks@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk or go to their website.

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