Salisbury Interactive Ghost Walk

  • £10.00
  • 13 Nov 21
  • The Rifles, 58 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EX
  • 19:30-20:30

Salisbury Interactive Ghost Walk Wiltshire with Haunting Nights

The city of Salisbury is one of the most haunted and ancient in England. It’s history can be traced back to 2,500 BC and as a result has a diverse and complex and bloody history.

The centre preserves its medieval street plan and has many ancient buildings within have their own ghost stories. Today the population of Salisbury is above 40,000. Yet behind the busy hustle bustle activities of modern day life, the tales of a more sinister kind; a history that includes demonic apparition, disease, witchcraft, death, ghosts, poltergeists and murder.

Join Haunting Nights on a journey into the paranormal Hot Spots of Salisbury which include:

Salisbury Cathedral
There is a legend surrounding the cathedral concerning white birds that will circle the spire prior to the death of the bishop or some of the clergy working there. There are records of such instances in 1885 and 1911.
Within the cathedral you can see St. Ormond’s Tomb. This edifice also contains the remains of a certain Lord Stourton, who was hanged on 16th March 1557, with silken rope for the crime of murder. For 200 years, a wire rope was suspended over the tomb until its removal in 1780. However, a number of ‘unimpeachable witnesses’ have reported seeing the luminous outline of a rope since.

The Rifles Museum
The original building on the site was constructed in 1254. It was rebuilt in the 15th century and was used to store the robes of the Bishop of Salisbury; hence it was known as the “Bishop’s Wardrobe” or “The Wardrobe”
A storehouse for the cathedral next door The Rifles Museum is now one of the most haunted museums in Great Britain.

Mompesson House
Mompesson House was constructed for Sir Thomas Mompesson, MP for the constituency of Salisbury in 1679, 1695 and 1701. It is linked to one of the most reknowned hauntings in the annals of psychical phenomena – that of the Demon Drummer of Tidworth. Around 1660, John Mompesson. Although the phenomena did not occur here, it is said that the drum was kept here at some point. Then, in the 1950’s, a curious find was unnearthed – that of a brass drummer boy’s badge…

  • Salisbury Interactive Ghost Walk Wiltshire with Haunting Nights on Saturday 31st July starting from The Rifles Museum (The Wardrobe)

    From 19:30 to 20:30.

    This event will be an interactive ghost walk which lasts around 1 hour and therefore will have some walking involved.

    We will be using different ghost hunting techniques on the actual walk.

    Tickets £10 per person.

    Haunting Nights looks forward to welcoming you to this very haunted location.

    Interactive Ghost Walk are for the ages of 16 & over.

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