Salisbury Churches Alpha

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  • 26 Jan - 06 Apr 22
  • Online on Zoom
  • 19:45-21:15

Life is busy! Every day we ask so many questions. What should I wear? What's the weather going to be like? What\'s happening today? How am I going to fit everything in?

But then there are those bigger questions. Why am I here? Where am I heading? Is this it? Is there more to life than this.  These are life's big questions. But there's rarely enough time to think them through properly.

We all have different perspectives on the meaning of life, and faith, and Alpha is a chance to explore these big questions!

Salisbury churches are working together to bring the best online Alpha yet to residents of our beloved city and beyond. We'd love for you to join us for a series of evenings of laughter, friendship and interesting conversations about life, faith and meaning.

There's no pressure, no commitment, and no charge!

Find out more at

Search there for the Salisbury course, or sign up by emailing your name to - we'll send you Zoom joining details nearer the start date.

If you like, include your postal address in your email so we can send you a free Alpha guide in the post.

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