Rebugging the Planet - one shop, garden and vote at a time: Talk by Vicki Hird

  • £9-£12
  • 28 Jul 22
  • The Salisbury Museum, 65 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EN
  • 19:30

Vicki Hird, author of Rebugging the planet: The Remarkable Things that Insects (and Other Invertebrates) Do - And Why We Need to Love Them More, will be talking about how we can avoid 'insectageddon', and help the invertebrates to survive and thrive in so many ways.

Her book talks of their importance - from food to culture to communication - and how they are at risk. Rebugging our attitudes will be a good start, helping those around us understand the role and importance of all the invertebrates. Gardening and supporting local green spaces to be bug friendly will be critical and she will explore how to go further in what you eat, the clothes you buy and how you act politically, locally and nationally.

These can all make a huge difference too to the invertebrates. Come with questions, leave with a new plan to rebug your life.

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