Moo Music toddler / baby classes

  • £6 in advance & £7 PAYG
  • 09 Jun - 15 Jul 22
  • St Francis' Church Hall, Beatrice Road, Salisbury
  • 09.45 (Friday)

Moo Music classes are more than just a music class! We sing, we dance, we play and we have fun. Our sessions are a lovely way to interact in some creativity with your little one. Your children can enjoy our fantastic original songs developed by Early Years Educators and professional musicians whilst engaging in imaginative role play, sign language, sensory play and parachute games to name just a few of our activities. All this alongside the singing, movement and instrument work that you would expect at a music based class.

Classes not only develop musical ability and enjoyment but they can also contribute to your child's speech and language development, motor development and social skills. Mixed age sessions are ideal for little ones who are walking up to pre-schoolers.

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