Lucy Cooke: A revolutionary guide to sex, evolution and the female animal

  • Tickets from £16
  • 28 May 22
  • Salisbury Playhouse, Malthouse Lane, SP2 7RA
  • 14:00

Since Charles Darwin, evolutionary biologists have been convinced that the males of the animal kingdom are the interesting ones: - dominating and promiscuous - while females are passive, submissive and devoted.

Cooke's latest book B*TCH tells a fresh story. Whether investigating murderous meerkat mothers, philandering female langurs, same-sex female albatross couples, menopausal orca matriarchs, or the titanic battle of the sexes waged by ducks, Cooke shows us a new evolutionary biology, one where females can be as dominant and dynamic as any male.

This isn‘t your grandfather’s evolutionary biology. It’s more inclusive, truer to life, and, simply, more fun.

Part of Salisbury International Arts Festival. Find full details and tickets by clicking here.

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