Chinese Boxing by Mark Kitto

  • 20.00
  • 15 Oct 22
  • Arundells
  • 7:30pm

Written by Mark Kitto and directed by Henry Maynard and Marlie Haco

‘Historically fascinating, beautifully written.’
David Haig, actor and playwright

Fresh from a UK and European tour, actor and writer Mark Kitto brings his provocative and entertaining one-man show, ‘Chinese Boxing’ to the Medieval Hall in Salisbury for an evening hosted by Arundells.

Saturday 15th October, 7:30pm
The Medieval Hall, Salisbury
Tickets £20

70 minutes with no interval, to be followed with a Q & A session
Suitable for those age 14 and over
Tickets include free entry to Arundells on the 15th October

Chinese Boxing is an entertaining one-man play with a hard-hitting message about China and ‘The West’, inspired by the siege of the foreign diplomatic quarter, known as the Legations, in Peking during the Boxer Uprising in 1900 (as seen in the film ‘55 Days at Peking’ with David Niven)

The play is set in 1912, the year of the foundation of the Republic of China. Sir Claude MacDonald, former British Minister to Peking, commander of the defence during the Siege and a China expert, prepares to give an illustrated lecture to your local branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.

To set the scene Sir Claude says he will ‘take you back to Peking in 1900’ and he may do just that, to the Imperial Palace, where you might even hear the story from the Chinese point of view while the battle rages right outside.

The ramifications and echoes of the Siege of the Legations, ‘the most exciting episode ever known to civilization’ according to contemporary newspapers, are still felt and heard today.

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