The Hardy Sisters: Salisbury, Wessex and Beyond - Talk by Anne Johns and Jenny Head

  • £9-£12
  • 29 Sep 22
  • The Salisbury Museum, 65 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EN
  • 19:30

Mid-Victorian England was a hard place for a career women, yet Mary and Kate Hardy were pioneers in their field and two of the early trail blazers in elementary education. Whilst living their lives in relative obscurity, the sisters' experiences helped their famous brother to shape characters and portray situations, thus influencing his writing.

The illustrated talk will feature the severity of life at Salisbury Training College as well as the considerable challenges of their careers in newly established but impoverished schools.

Anne and Jenny, both former students and authors of two books about the College will also reflect on how Mary and Kate lived in their brother's shadow, but contributed so much of his work.

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