Follow that star...

A mix of ‘stellar’ art installations are bejewelling our magical medieval streets, with interactive, community and light-based projects alike.

Make a wish upon a star, take a selfie by the Galactic Gateway, hop, skip and jump your way through the city and star-gaze in the High Street!

All elements have been created, made and delivered by individuals from, or with a connection to Salisbury.

Pick up your map from the Tourist Information Centre or download a digital copy here!


⭐️ Why stars? ⭐️

Stars have amazed and inspired humankind from the beginning of time. Used to map our journey across the earth, worshipped as celestial bodies, they are symbols of hope, guidance, protection and progress.




A star has fallen from above to grace our city during this festive season. Nova embodies our enduring fascination with the stars and their everlasting connection to our earthly experience.

Throughout history, stars have woven themselves into our myths and stories, inspiring us with their mystery and beauty.  Nova pays tribute to this, inviting us to reflect on the profound impact stars have in our collective imagination.

Designed and built by Terraform



It is the reaction at the core of the star that makes it sparkle. Step into the huge golden frame and take a picture, it is your time to shine!



Nestled in the heart of the Old George Mall, you will find the most luminous gift of the season! This walk-through installation will mesmerise and delight!

Brought to you by Old George Mall with support from Salisbury City Council and Salisbury BID.



Suspended in the heart of Salisbury’s enchanting Christmas lights, step beneath Sirius, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a realm of starlight. As you gaze up, you’ll become part of an age-old tradition of stargazing.

Composed of dazzling LED tube lighting, the star shaped masterpiece measures an impressive 8m long. Just like the stars that have fascinated us for centuries, Sirius continues to kindle our curiosity and remind us of the timeless magic stars bring to our lives.

Designed and built by Terraform 



There is a warm welcome lighting up Fisherton Bridge, guiding your way to the City of Stars.



“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.”

For thousands of years, people have gazed into the night sky, full of hopes and dreams, and have made a wish upon a star. Become part of this tradition and add your wishes to this installation and see if I you wish comes true.

As a small cartoon cricket once sang “…When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true…”
Jiminy Cricket, Disney’s Pinocchio (1940)

Designed and built by DesignCraft



Salisbury’s very own Hollywood style walk of fame! See the names chosen by our community, the celebrate and thank 2023’s City Stars!

Thanks to Salisbury Radio.



A majestic tree is at the heart of every traditional Christmas. Adorned with a galaxy of stars, our Market Square Tree is a sight to behold.  

Can you count how many stars are on this tree? If you can work it out, share a pic and tag #experiencesalisbury

Designed and decorated by Fran Lee Creative


Hop & Jump

Keep your eyes peeled around the city streets for hopscotch and jumping games! Illustrated by a local artist, these are great way to warm up (and tire your little ones out!) Illustrated by Francesca Mclean.


Origami Stars

In Asian legend, paper stars bring good luck. As you move around the city, you will see these stars displayed in business windows, inviting good luck for the next year.

Download an info sheet on how to make your own origami stars for your window at home.


Window Illustrations

In collaboration with local artist Michele Millidge, Salisbury BID has funded and organised the decoration of a collection of Independent business windows with beautiful hand-drawn star doodles. On your travels across the city, be sure to explore and enjoy these wonderful illustrations in some of our city's star businesses!




The Artists Behind The City of Stars

Terraform designed, built, and installed both Nova & Sirius. Mark Robinson formed the artist group Terraform in 2016, and has concentrated on bespoke immersive light sculptures for public spaces.

“Having grown up in Salisbury, creating these unique light art installations for places I call home means a lot to me. I can't wait to see how they can breathe new life into the places I know so well and how the community react to them. I can’t wait to see everything installed and switched on!”


dESIGNcRAFT designed and built Wish Upon a Star.

Salisbury based dESIGNcRAFT was started by Paul Ryalls, who has been in the industry for over 35 years, working closely with some of the most prestigious companies and individuals around the globe.

“Being a local creative company I was more than delighted to be ask to get involved the design process and manufacture of the 3D stars installation for the Christmas at Experience Salisbury.”


Peachy Productions bring Polaris OGM & Galactic Gateway to Salisbury.

Peachy Productions is a Salisbury based company that has been delivering live events for almost 20 years. 

“The Peachy team is really excited to help make the beautiful city of Salisbury twinkle this Winter! Our vision has always been to bring smiles to people’s faces, and what better way to do this than through helping light up the city at Christmas!” 


Francesca Mclean brings art to the streets of our city with Hopscotch, Jump Games and the Walk of Stars (printed and installed by Signs in Motion)

Francesca is an illustrator & designer with a love for the natural world, based near Salisbury on the edge of the majestic New Forest. She creates illustrations and pattern designs inspired by the beautiful patterns and vibrant colours found in nature that surround us.

“As a local Salisbury artist, I am absolutely delighted to be involved in Christmas in Salisbury this year, creating fun, interactive designs that will hopefully bring some joy to our amazing community!”


Dib Dab, local interiors and events designers, have brought the sparkle to the Market Walk entrance by the Library and have helped Santa build his beautiful Grotto!


Fran Lee Creative has returned to Salisbury, following the success of the Salisbury BID Christmas windows in 2022. This year she has decorated the tree in the Market Square, celebrating our 'City of Stars'. 

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