Captive Worlds was born from a hobby called Aquascaping, which is the creation of a planted aquarium with rocks, wood and use of aquatic soil, this has spread to terrariums as well.

The store offers completed Aquariums and Terrariums. Also selling everything needed to make your own - tanks/cabinets, lights, filters, heaters, soil, aquatic and terrestrial plants, wood and rocks, gravel and sand, water conditioners, CO2 equipment, tools. Live shrimps and small selection of fish. The shop sells everything needed for a successful aquarium and terrarium setup, they are much different from your usual setups and worth a visit as owner, John, has many on display to inspire your own creation and he is there for advice at all times. 

They offer unique terrarium and aquarium design, and have a bespoke service aquascaping terrariums and aquariums for the home or office. As well as running workshops onsite, they can also tailor corporate workshops for businesses. 


    • Independent Business
    • City Centre Location

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