Work in Salisbury

Pioneers Past and Present.

Salisbury is a city that draws people to it, whether to live, work or play.

There is a wealth of independent retailers that offer a unique shopping experience, some of the UK’s biggest attractions, great nightlife and hospitality venues that always offer a warm and friendly welcome. Not to mention the breathtaking countryside.

Salisbury has a history of innovation and those wanting to continue the tradition of invention don’t need to look far for inspiration. Our major employers push boundaries and, from an historic city, they create the future.

Salisbury’s major employers include:

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is the biggest employer in the area and brimming with top healthcare professionals. The Trust runs Salisbury District Hospital and has a staff of over 4,000 staff. Not only do they offer local care, specialist regional services such as burns, plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate, genetics and rehabilitation extend to a much wider population of more than three million people. Their Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre covers most of southern England, with a population of around 11 million people.

Porton Down

Porton Down is a science park just outside Salisbury. It is home to two British government facilities: The Ministry of Defence’s Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) and Public Health England. Dstl is one of the principal government organisations dedicated to science and technology and provides world class expertise and delivers cutting-edge innovation. It is perhaps most widely known for research into chemical weapons and deadly diseases.


QinetiQ is a British multinational defence technology company and was previously part of part of MoD’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency. It now provides technology-based products and services to numerous government and commercial customers. The company’s base at Boscombe Down offers scientists and engineers the chance to work alongside work-class experts in innovative and technology-based products.

Naim Audio

Naim Audio is a leading hi-fi manufacturer and, from their HQ in Salisbury, have designed and built some of the finest home audio components available anywhere in the world. Their unrelenting hunt for the perfect sound has led them to create bespoke engineered solutions refined through hundreds of hours in the lab and listening room.

MoD Boscombe Down

MoD Boscombe Down is a civilian operated RAF airfield and has the longest military runway in the UK.  It is the home of a military aircraft testing site, QinetiQ and The Empire Test Pilots School.

Wiltshire College & University Centre

Wiltshire College has four main campuses across the county, with Salisbury being one of them. The Salisbury campus offers a wide range of vocational and creative courses from entry level through to degrees validated by some of the UK’s top universities. It is currently undergoing a £14million redevelopment to refresh part of the teaching facilities and has already seen a suite of labs completed to facilitate new courses in the Life Sciences.

Armed Forces 

Salisbury has a long-standing history with the military and Salisbury Plain is the UK's largest military training area. Once stand-alone camps, Bulford and Tidworth have now merged to create one Salisbury ‘Super’ Garrison. The Household Cavalry Regiment, the King’s Royal Hussars and the Royal Tank Regiment are just some of the army regiments based here.

Not only does Salisbury have employers that push boundaries, it is also recognised as one of England’s best places to live. It is a beautiful city, with an independent spirit and a strong sense of community with The Times, in 2019, declaring it “a divinely attractive and welcoming place”.

You can work here, play here and live here. Come join us.

Salisbury, England’s best place to live since 1227.

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