5 Questions With.... Santa!

Over the last month, Santa has taken time out of his busy schedule to meet and greet the children of Salisbury at his Little Wonderland in the Guildhall Square. 

Ahead of the big present drop on Friday night, we've been asking him some very important questions.

How long does it take you to visit all the homes in Salisbury? 

Blink and you’ll miss me! Due to timezones and international date line etc, I have about 42 hours max to visit all the houses I need to visit on Christmas Eve across the world. Yes, that it a lot!  

It means that I can only spend around 300 MIRCOseconds to accomplish everything I need to, so it will take me about 14 seconds to deliver to everyone in the beautiful city of Salisbury. That’s impossible I hear you cry! No, not when you have a magic sleigh and wonderful reindeer guiding you. 

Would you ever shave your beard off? 

Ho ho ho, no, no, no! I tried it once and Mrs Claus didn’t like it. She said it made me look too much like Peter Ustinov. I have learned over the years to do what Mrs Claus says. Happy wife, happy life. 

Santa has been in Salisbury again this year

Are you allowed to take some time off after Christmas? 

Oh yes! I may be immortal, but my bones are still old! I like to take a month somewhere hot. Southern Spain maybe. Or, I do like Jamaica. Great rum.  

I also like to take a little summer break to see some of the places I deliver to during Christmas Eve. There is no time for sight-seeing on the big night, so I go back. I visited Salisbury in 1898. A lovely week spent in June. Great Cathedral. Although it did cause a few problems with the reindeer before they put the light on the top of the spire. A couple of very hairy moments. It’s very hard to see when you’re going at such a speed!  

What snacks do you actually want left out? 

I do need a lot of calories to get me through the night. And, refreshment. A man can only eat so many mice pies in one night though, so I enjoy a bit of variety. Stollen. Yule log. Chocolate. Christmas cake. A Reeves sausage roll. Delicious. 

How do we make sure we’re on your nice list? 

If you’re always trying your best, and trying to be good and do nice things, then I’m sure you’ll be on my nice list. It doesn’t matter if you fail, you keep going. Do good deeds. Be kind to people (especially your brothers and sisters!). There is nothing better than when you make someone else smile or feel good, so I would encourage you all to try it! Spread some Christmas kindness throughout the year. 

We've been talking to Santa as part of the Experience Salisbury 5 Questions With series.

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