REVIEW: Snow White at Salisbury Playhouse

Catchy songs? Tick

Flamboyant dance routines? Tick 

Cute puppets? Tick 

Great acting? Tick 

Laughter and smiles all round? Big tick! 

What more could you ask for from a Christmas production?! 

It has been another topsy turvy year but the ongoing Covid crisis was forgotten for one magical night while watching this year’s festive show at Salisbury Playhouse. 

The main stage auditorium was filled with laughter and excitement as we got to follow the adventures of Snow White in a show that puts a modern twist on the classic fairytale story. 

Snow White, Consuela Rolle

In Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon, Snow is sent away from her mother, the Queen, and the palace to live with her Aunt Trish. With echoes of Cinderella, Snow is put to hard work in Trish’s salon – a world away from the royal life she once had. Snow’s life is put at risk when she stumbles across a magic mirror. Left to fend for herself in a spooky forest she stumbles across seven surprising creatures who help her fight for her life. Will they make it? Will they actually live happily ever after? You will have to book to find out! 

Aunt Trish taking centre stage

The plot is interesting and exciting enough for all ages. Young and old. With a cast of only five, the actors took on different roles, flipping between them with ease. Greg Barnett’s performance as Prince Charming and the Elvis inspired Big Bad Wolf were highlights. Consuela Rolle brought Snow to life with captivating innocence and Aunt Trish, played by Martha Pothen, was the right amount of evil, with a touch of vulnerability. A winning combination for a festive show. 

Greg Barnett as the Big Bad Wolf

The biggest delight of the evening was seeing the smile on the faces of all the children in the audience. And, what did my young gang give the show? A big thumbs up and 10/10 (in fact, one gave it 425/10!)

So, if you are looking for something for the whole family to do this Christmas, and to feel some festive cheer after another challenging year – then Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon is the show to see.   

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