11 reasons why taking the bus in Salisbury is the best way to travel

Getting around Salisbury couldn’t be easier thanks to the local bus operator, Salisbury Reds.

Whether you are a resident or visitor to our beautiful city, there are many reasons why using the bus makes sense:

1. It’s environmentally friendly

It probably goes without saying these days, but public transport is better for the environment. Especially buses from Salisbury Reds. They have invested heavily in sustainable transport, with buses on their activ8 route (between Salisbury and Andover) sporting the latest Euro 6 low emissions engine - the newest and cleanest standard for diesel.

Meanwhile, in 2020, further steps were taken to greener and cleaner journeys when £1.2 million was invested in three new electric buses for the city’s Park & Ride sites.

Travelling by bus also takes more cars off the road, helping with congestion and pollution. A single double decker-bus can carry up to 90 passengers, if they travelled by car that could require over 80 vehicles. It makes a big difference to our roads!

Salisbury Reds Electric Bus

2. Go slow!

It’s not something we often say – but why not take your foot off and go slow! Sit back and enjoy the views of Salisbury. Let the bus driver do the work while you admire the medieval streets and watch out for historic buildings you might miss if travelling by car.

And, if you’re heading into the countryside, relax as the world goes by. Take time to discover new places and some of the most beautiful countryside in the country.

3. Relax

Sit back and catch up on work, plan meet ups with friends, check social media, listen to music or why not just take a little nap! You can do all this if you’re travelling on a bus.

4. Easy access

Beat the queues by using public transport. Salisbury has dedicated bus lanes which means you are likely to get to your destination quicker and the five Park & Ride sites dotted around Salisbury give easy access without getting stuck in traffic jams.

Public transport also gives easy access to the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. From Salisbury you can jump on a bus, head out of the city and explore chocolate box villages and wide-open spaces.

5. It’s cheap!

Travelling by bus is cheaper than owning and operating a car. Salisbury Reds offers a range of tickets that make sure you get value for money. They have day, multi-day and multi-trip options. Then there are also week, month and annual passes which are great for regular customers. The concessionary fare scheme offers a good deal for the elderly – and accompanying children under the age of 7 travel for free.

6. User friendly

Salisbury Reds have taken steps to make it easy for everyone to get around, especially those with mobility, sight, or hearing difficulties.

They provide large format printed timetables for the visually impaired and many of their buses are fitted with ‘next stop’ announcement technology - helping passengers keep track of where they are on their journey.

All buses are low floor and easy access with spaces available for wheelchair users. Salisbury Reds also provide Helping Hand cards to those with hidden disabilities to discreetly tell the driver that they may need a bit of assistance on-board.

7. Less stress

We all know it can be stressful to find a car parking space but using a bus is hassle free! Sit back and enjoy the journey knowing you won’t have to hunt down that free space or pay to park. It also takes the stress out of shopping because you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock and rush back before your parking ticket runs out! With a bus you can take as long as you like in the city, because there are always plenty of options to get home – you can check timetables online here.

8. Increased mobility

Not all of us have cars, and many don’t want to or for many reasons can’t drive. For those, buses allow them to still be mobile. They can get to work, to school, to the doctor or shops - whatever they want to do - without having to rely on friends, relatives or more expensive modes of transport like taxis.

9. Safety

Did you know that travelling by bus is actually safer than driving a car? This is because buses are checked and maintained more frequently than cars. Also, drivers have to pass special training so they know how to keep passengers safe. The trainee drivers at Salisbury Reds, for example, spend their first few weeks learning to drive with an expert instructor then they undergo industry leading ‘post-test’ coaching to gain the skills needed to deliver the highest levels of customer service. After that it’s another two weeks of doing the job for real alongside a mentor before they hit the road on their own.

10. Gets you into healthy habits

People who take the bus are more active than those who drive because of walking to stops and final destinations. There are even some studies that show individuals who use public transportation get over three times the amount of physical activity per day of those who don’t. Any extra walking is a great thing because getting active helps lower the risk for many serious diseases, such as: heart and vascular diseases, strokes, diabetes and depression.

11. Fun for the kids (and adults too!)

Getting on a bus and going out for the day is always an adventure for children, and the young at heart! It is a fun experience for them. They get to meet a whole range of new people, learn life skills and it helps prepares them for independence and a time when they might have to take the bus by themselves. It also teaches them the environmental benefits of travelling by public transport.

Wherever you want to go, or whatever you want to do, Salisbury Reds can get you there. Explore our Traditional Original city from the comfort of a bus. Find Salisbury Reds timetables, routes and information here.

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