Salisbury's Hidden Foodie Gems

When it comes to food, we all have our favourites. Fish and chips, pizza, Chinese, a good Sunday Roast – what we choose can sometimes be quite obvious. 

In Salisbury, we are lucky to have terrifically tasty food gems that some people still don’t know about.  

Lettuce look at some of our foodie favourites!: 

Pancakes at the Cosy Club 

We don’t need to say much on this one, do we? Just look at the photos! At Cosy Club you will find a delicious selection of buttermilk pancakes. Try smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup or berry compote, banana and crème fraîche. Enjoy them in the wonderful Grade II listed building or on their sunny terrace. 

Roly’s Ice Cream 

The ice cream cones from Roly’s Fudge Pantry come with an extra surprise. Not only do you get a great dollop of Purbeck ice cream but hidden in the cone is Roly’s very own fudge sauce and crumble pieces of their handmade fudge. From their High Street store, head straight into the Cathedral Close, grab a bench, and enjoy!  

Go vegan at Greengages 

Vegans should head to Greengages on Catherine Street to try their lime and zucchini cake with avocado frosting. It’s gluten free, full of flavour and a delicious option whether you’re a vegan or not! If they haven't got this exact recipe on the menu, you'll still find lots of tasty vegan delights that will leave you smiling.

Reeve The Baker’s Cheese Straws 

This one is a well-loved favourite of many residents, but if you’re a visitor, we urge you try them too because just one whiff of the Reeve the Baker Cheese Straws and it’s enough to make the mouth water! The cheesy puff pastry treats – handmade by our local bakers - can be bought as a take-away in their shops on Butcher Row and Silver Street. 

Burgers from Pritchett’s Family Butchers 

These are the award-winning burgers from Pritchett’s and they are perfect for a BBQ! The burgers are homemade with beef, red onion and herb – and gluten free. You can buy them at their shop on Butcher Row, or find them on the menu at locations across Salisbury including new outside venue, Brown Street. 

Thai Sarocha Yellow Curry 

Travel to Thailand may not be on the menu for many at the moment due to coronavirus, but brilliant Thai food is still on the menu in Salisbury! There are some Thai curries rarely seen outside their native land and the yellow curry is one of them. This rich dish from Thai Sarocha on New Street comes with coconut milk, potatoes, onions and cherry tomatoes. It will have you dreaming of holidays and beautiful sandy beaches! 

Cream tea at Stones Kitchen Café 

Scones. Cream. Tea...... Is there anything more quintessentially English?! Push the boat out at Stones Kitchen Café on Salisbury’s historic Market Place where their cream teas feature one of the biggest scones we’ve seen (and we’ve eaten a lot of scones!). 

Street Food at Brown Street 

Head to Brown Street, Salisbury’s newest outdoor venue, for a great atmosphere and taste of the orient. They have street food vendors offering tasty treats, including these goodies from Demain Artisan. There are steamed bao buns to enjoy with Asian BBQ pork, chicken and courgette options to try. They also make a delicious katsu curry and salt and pepper squid.  

Once you make your way through all these food favourites there are a lot more fabulous tasty treats to try. Take a look at all our hospitality venues here. 

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