See The Full Monty at Salisbury Playhouse!

If you loved the hit 1997 movie, The Full Monty, you’ll love the stage version that’s about to hit Salisbury! 

Musical Theatre Salisbury is to perform the comedy musical at Salisbury Playhouse from 5th to 9th July 2022. 

This adaptation follows the fortunes of six unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York. With no job, money or prospects, they are fed up until they hit upon an idea to become male strippers!  

Experience Salisbury has been talking to cast member, Derrick Foord ahead of opening night. He’s been telling us a bit about the show.. 

Q: Hi Derrick! For those who haven’t seen it, what is The Full Monty about? 

A: The men (The Gang) initially feel inadequate and useless after being unemployed for so long. They show their insecurities about their bodies, life in general and as such their masculinity whilst rehearsing for the impending strip. The friendship evolves and covers subjects such as suicide, sexual orientation and the levelling of social standing in the community; this develops a strong bond between them.  

Q: What would you say to people interested in coming to see the show? 

A: I recommend this musical to any and everybody as it has comedy, sadness, emotion and superb songs and it has a great storyline.  This is most definitely a “feel good” musical and anybody lucky enough to see it will leave at the end feeling uplifted and happy.  

 Q: What have you enjoyed most about working with your co-stars – have you formed close friendships outside the rehearsals and performances?  

A: Musical Theatre Salisbury is like a family to me, we are all friends and welcome newcomers with open arms. In this production, the bonding between the main characters is so important as we rely on each other to make the show what it is. Stripping off and showing your all to fellow actors is probably more daunting than to a full audience (we are ever critical but supportive of each other). 

Q: The Full Monty is a celebration of everyday people, in all their glory, which is obviously an important message to promote nowadays. What else would you like people to take from the show? 

A: I would like the audience to take away with them the ‘feel good’ factor, that nothing in life is impossible and that by confiding and talking to friends about problems can promote self-confidence and the realisation that you are not alone with the problems you have or perceive to have. 

You can see Derrick and the rest of cast in The Full Monty at Salisbury Playhouse from 5th to 9th July 2022. Click here for tickets. 

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