Thank you to all Salisbury volunteers!

Salisbury is a special city with a caring community and this week we are celebrating all those who go that extra mile to make a positive contribution through volunteering. 

Today (1st June 2022) is the beginning of Volunteers’ Week, an annual celebration of the millions of people who volunteer.  

Those who give up their time for free are always active in the heart of the community. They are behind many of the services we all rely on – so it’s time to say THANK YOU! 

Why volunteer in Salisbury? 

Volunteering can be a hugely rewarding and enjoyable experience. It can often help with personal development, or provide opportunities to share and use existing skills, whilst making a positive difference in the local community. The last few years have shown just how vital volunteers are, with many playing a key role in the pandemic response. All volunteers make a huge difference. 

Thinking about volunteering in Salisbury? There are plenty of opportunities available 

Salisbury District Hospital has over 700 volunteers from all walks of life. They provide invaluable help across a whole range of hospital services from clerical duties to guides and ward visitors.  

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to apply to become a volunteer. As well as helping the NHS to enhance the experience patients receive, volunteers can gain new skills, make new friends and improve their own health and wellbeing. Once you apply, they will explore what you would like to do and try to match the right role to your skills. Interested in volunteering at Salisbury District Hospital? Click here for more information

Salisbury Cathedral is another organisation that relies on their brilliant volunteers. They have a team of over 600 who work across all areas of cathedral life. Their volunteers are so good they even won a top award! In 2016, they were awarded the highest accolade; the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. 

Volunteer guides pass on a wealth of information to Salisbury Cathedral visitors

Salisbury Cathedral has a wide range of interesting opportunities, but they do ask for volunteers to commit to a regular role. Whether you enjoy discussing the history of Salisbury Cathedral with visitors, are a budding flower-arranger, or fancy yourself as a Holy Duster, there is a role to suit! Click here for more details about volunteering at Salisbury Cathedral. 

Salisbury City Council also recognises just how important their volunteers are. In February this year, they held a special evening to celebrate their 150 volunteers who work across CCTV, Shopmobility, parks and green spaces, Your Salisbury Pantry and their community development activity. Speaking at the event, Sarah Gregson, who is the Communities Manager for Salisbury City Council said: 

“So many people have given their time, free of charge, to the city via the Council over many many years, including during the pandemic. The last 2 years have given us pause for thought about how we recognise their contribution, so starting with the volunteers we have now, and with the contributions of many others in mind, we wanted to start celebrating volunteering in what was the first of many annual celebrations to come.” 

The Salisbury Pantry on Catherine Street

The Salisbury Pantry is an initiative from Salisbury City Council that was set up to provide affordable and nutritious food to local residents. Their volunteers help in many ways to keep the vital service going, as Chloe Roberts, Pantry Manager, explains:

"We are so grateful to all the volunteers of Your Salisbury Pantry for the time and energy they give to our lovely shop. The volunteers on the shop floor offer help and support to our customers when needed and are vital for us providing food for as many people as possible. We also have an incredible team of drivers who collect and deliver from various places each week. Without them there simply would not be food on the shelves."

Salisbury City Council has some wonderfully dedicated ‘outdoors’ volunteers who work in their parks and open spaces. From weeding to bulb planting and shrub clearance to counting butterflies, they work hard to keep the city looking so good. 

There is of course always room for more volunteers, so anyone who is interested in getting their hands dirty, either volunteering in one of the City Council formal parks or maybe one of their more natural areas, such as Lime Kiln Down or Avon Valley Nature Reserve, then please get in contact on 01722 342860 or email parks@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk 

Volunteers make a big difference to those who use Shopmobility in Salisbury

Salisbury City Council is also using Volunteers’ Week to say a big thank you to their volunteers at Salisbury Shopmobility. They are a vital part of the service, helping to deliver equipment and run the reception desk. If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer at Shopmobility, please contact 01722 328068. 

Salisbury’s CCTV is also another city service that relies on volunteers. Co-funded by Salisbury BID and the Council, CCTV is crucial for making sure Salisbury remains a safe place for businesses, residents and visitors to the city. CCTV Manager, Richard Goodman, said:  

"I would like to recognise and applaud my volunteers for working so hard to make Salisbury a safer place. They put in a considerable amount of time and effort to train to become a CCTV Operator and then show equal dedication in volunteering to actively patrol the streets and review incidents that happen. They do this quietly behind the scenes.” 

Salisbury's CCTV control room where volunteers are based

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with Salisbury’s CCTV, please contact Richard Goodman by emailing Rgoodman@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk 

Wiltshire Council also has a whole range of volunteer roles available. You can find many of the Salisbury based opportunities on their Our Community Matters site. 

For more volunteering opportunities in Salisbury, head to the Experience Salisbury Recruitment page where you will find both paid and unpaid roles. 

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