Salisbury octogenarian takes to the skies!

The sky’s the limit for one Salisbury octogenarian as she attempts to raise awareness of climate change and raise money for green energy projects at a local church.

Fenella Monk – who's 85 years old – this weekend (14th May 2022) completed a tandem sky dive jump at Netheravon saying: “It was wonderful. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

This isn’t the first time Fenella has attempted a jump like this, speaking to Experience Salisbury she says she also took part in a charity sky-dive challenge five years ago. The thought of falling out of an aeroplane may cause a panic attack for many, but Fenella says she kept her cool: “Both times I’ve been really surprised at how calm I’ve been. I think I’ve known lots of people have been praying for me, which doesn’t of course get rid of the subconscious nervousness, but is probably why I’m so exhausted now.”

Fenella during her first sky-dive challenge

Fenella took to the skies to raise money to install new renewable energy sources at St Mark’s Church. Ideally, she’d love to get enough money to buy solar panels or an air source pump (with relevant application approvals). This could cost anywhere from £60,000 to £100,000 so donations from the sky-dive will help work towards that total.

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The fundraising and improvements at the church are all part of efforts to underline how important climate change is. For Fenella it’s a massive issue, saying: “I’m a bit crazy about the horrors of climate change and renewable energy.”

Fenella Monk is raising money for St Marks Church in Salisbury

As well as trying to raise money to install energy improvements at the church, she’s also encouraging everyone to think more about the small things we can do ourselves at home. Using the car less; saving and reusing e.g. bath water; only boiling just enough water we need in the kettle, and recycling, are all ways Fenella feels we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate to Fenella, and help her raise the money needed to progress with the green projects at St Marks Church, you can do so by clicking here.

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