Salisbury District Hospital and our Emergency Services #999Day

In the heart of our city there exists a group of remarkable individuals who stand ready, day and night, to ensure our safety and well-being. Taking a break from our usual #SaturdaySpotlight, we want to shine a spotlight instead on the dedicated and heroic NHS and emergency services personnel who tirelessly serve our community. From on-the-scene paramedics to hospital-based doctors and nurses, these unsung heroes work selflessly to protect and support us in times of crisis.

Salisbury District Hospital is an inclusive and diverse workplace, where everyone is welcome, everyone can be authentic, and everyone is encouraged to be the best version of themselves. The 5,000-strong workforce is at the centre of everything they do and is made up of passionate, caring and incredibly hard-working individuals from all backgrounds. Find your calling with 'Team Salisbury' today

What truly makes Salisbury's emergency services exceptional is the seamless collaboration of our Medics, Firefighters, Police force, and the amazing volunteers that support them from within. These brave men and women understand the importance of working together, often in high-pressure situations, always ensuring that we receive the best possible care and protection when it matters most.

Let's show our support by taking the time to thank our local emergency services today and everyday 👏 Together, we can ensure that our heroes in uniform receive the recognition and appreciation they truly deserve.


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