Salisbury Cathedral has Babies!

27/04/2023 - Good things come in 3's...

Even more news! We have a third chick and we suspect a fourth will not be long behind.

The annual ringing will take place in mid-May and Salisbury Cathedral are looking at doing another naming poll this year – standby for more info in due course!

📷 Salisbury Cathedral


26/04/2023 - And then there were two...

More news from the Tower balcony - we have a second chick! Hoping the third and fourth will hatch in the next few hours/day or so.

📷 Salisbury Cathedral

Fast facts and latest info so far:

Eggs laid

Fri 17 March at around 6:45pm
Mon 20 March around 1:19am
Wed 22 March between 6:57am and 8:36am
Fri 24 March 6:00pm


Tuesday 25 April at around 11:19am
Tues 25 April at 8:01pm


25/04/2023 - And they're off...

Salisbury Cathedral’s first peregrine falcon chick has hatched! 🐣 The chick was first spotted at 11:19am tucked right underneath the female.

📷 Salisbury Cathedral

The first of four eggs to hatch, our little chick will have been hard at work for around 72 hours breaking its way out of the shell. It does this using a hard pointed area on its beak called the ‘egg tooth’. When a chick is ready to hatch a special neck muscle contracts, causing its head to snap upwards and bringing the egg tooth into contact with the shell, causing it to crack. Bit by bit the chick chips at the shell, making sounds to let the parent know it is on its way.

The rest of the chicks should hatch over the next couple of days. You can watch the live feed of the peregrines here


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