The story of Salisbury's brand

Salisbury. Pioneering since 1227.

Salisbury is strong. Salisbury has a special spirit that has endured for centuries. The people of Salisbury are proud to live here and to be part of a history that learns from the past to innovate for the future.

That is exactly what happened in 2018 when the city was thrust into an international spotlight with the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. From this Novichok crisis was born a partnership that would help the city grow and tell its story to the world.

Salisbury BID, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury City Council, SWLEP and VisitWiltshire, with the support of Wiltshire Council, VisitBritain, VisitEngland and others, came together to work as one to aid recovery. Together they realised they were stronger. Together that could better support the city, increase footfall and re-build a damaged economy.

The partnership initiated a pioneering project aimed at helping the city to once again confidently tell its story to the world. They began work on creating a new brand for the city. One that would help Salisbury move forward, to innovate and drive recovery.

Work began on developing a new vision and story for Salisbury, co-created with more than 1,000 of our residents, visitors and stakeholders.They participated in workshops and interviews to share what they perceived to be the city's strengths and special qualities.

What became clear was that at the heart of the Salisbury experience was a blend of tradition, imagination and individualism that makes the city unique and different from other places.

Salisbury is a city that respects tradition but also celebrates originality and is always looking for what comes next. The city has evolved over 800 years to be highly relevant today as the modern medieval city.

Inspiration was drawn from the city’s rich heritage - it's history as a magnet for travellers, pilgrims, artisans and innovators.

We distilled all of this thinking into just two simple words that perfectly describe our great city. Traditional. Original.

Our message is simple.

Salisbury is a place of great life and energy. Salisbury is vibrant and connected and is a place where fascinating conversations and ideas flow.

To celebrate all of this, we have developed an exciting new Salisbury marque, inspired by the stonemasons that chiselled and crafted the stones that built the city 800 years ago.

Discover Salisbury's marque and find out more about the meaning of it here.

If you have further questions about Salisbury's new brand, see our FAQ page.

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