Our Earth – Art Exhibition

  • Included with Cathedral admission
  • 20 Apr - 06 Oct 24
  • The Close
  • 9:30-17:00

‘Climate change will affect different people and places unevenly, and so is likely to lead to inequalities within and across nations, and between current and future generations, so creating injustice.’ Climate Just website

Our Earth focuses on the domestic impact of climate change asking us to consider how our day to day lives may be impacted and how that will be felt differently across the world. The exhibition brings together both inside and outside beginning with a major interactive outdoor commission by artist, Hilary Jack, which thinks about the homes that have been moved due to coastal erosion and a large-scale banner work by Dryden Goodwin reflecting on the importance of having clean air to breathe. As you enter the cathedral the cloisters will host another new commission, this time by Rebecca Chesney, where visitors will be able to enjoy birdsong from four continents. Inside the cathedral itself will be powerful paintings by artist, filmmaker and gay rights activist Derek Jarman exploring the joy found in the garden and a multi-panel work by Ethiopian artist, Elias Sime, who thinks about the connection between the earth and the digital world.

Image: Dryden Goodwin, drawing from Breathe (2022) © the artist. Courtesy of artist and Invisible Dust.

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