• FREE
  • 23 Feb - 23 Mar 24
  • Vanner Gallery, 45 High Street, Salisbury
  • 10:00–17:00 Tuesday to Saturday

atmospheres brings together six internationally renowned artists:

Armando Alemdar Ara | Anthony Gelfand | Katya Levental | Lala Meredith-Vula | Georg Meyer-Wiel | Brigitte Schweitzer

Although these six artists have diverse practices, they each achieve the same thing: they move and transport us to somewhere otherworldly. In painting and photography that spans the abstract and the figurative we see kineticism and stillness; extroversion and reflectiveness; spontaneity and deliberation.

Moments are immortalised. Apparitions come and go. The identifiable is often imbued with something unknown. Viewing this work is an immersive experience, alternately pulsating and calming.

Visit the gallery to see this collection of unique, evocative works by artists of global reputation working in the USA, the UK and Europe with works in many private and important public collections.

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