Kate Adie – A Foreign Correspondent’s View of the News

  • £22 to include a glass of wine
  • 13 May 24
  • The Guildhall, Salisbury
  • 19:30

Kate Adie is a pioneering British journalist renowned for her war reporting and captivating storytelling. Her career, spanning over five decades, has taken her to some of the world’s most volatile regions. She continues to educate and inform listeners as anchor of BBC Radio 4’s iconic ‘From our Own Correspondent’ – which is unusual amongst Radio 4 programmes in having a growing audience.

Her fearless reporting and ability to connect with people under pressure earned her accolades and respect, including during fourteen years as the BBC’s Chief News Correspondent. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Adie covered major conflicts like the Gulf War, the Falklands War, the Tiananmen Square protests, and the Bosnian War. Her dispatches were often the first to bring the realities of war into living rooms, challenging viewers with their unflinching honesty.

Adie continues to write, lecture, and advocate for press freedom. Her legacy as a fearless and compassionate journalist who brought the world’s stories to life remains an inspiration.

In this talk Kate Adie will reflect on her ground-breaking career as a war reporter, and share thoughts on the changing nature of the world and the media as seen through the lens of ‘From Our Own Correspondent’. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear live insights from a true legend of journalism, whose voice continues to shape our understanding of global events.

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