Where Might UK-EU Relations Go?

  • £20
  • 29 May 24
  • Arundells
  • 19:30

With John Peet, Europe Editor, The Economist.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a journalist, editor, and former civil servant, Peet will offer insights into the key challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both the UK and the EU. He’ll go on to discuss possible scenarios for the future of the relationship, considering factors such as trade, security, and political cooperation. Peet will also highlight the potential impact of global events and internal political developments on this evolving relationship.

This talk is a must-attend for anyone seeking to understand the complexities and potential trajectories of UK-EU relations in the years to come.

John Peet has been an editor and writer at The Economist since 1986, in roles including executive editor, business affairs editor, Brexit editor and a correspondent in Brussels and Washington. Earlier, he was a civil servant at the Treasury and Foreign Office. He is the coauthor of “Unhappy Union: How the Euro Crisis—and Europe—Can Be Fixed” (Profile Books, 2014). In 2012 he won the Gerald Loeb Award for commentary.

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