Salisbury Plain

  • Salisbury Plain

Salisbury Plain is the largest area of chalk grassland in north-west Europe and a haven for wildlife. Approximately 12 miles north of Salisbury city centre, it is famous for its rich archaeology, including Stonehenge.

The whole area covers about 300 square miles, with around half of this owned by the Ministry of Defence who use it for military training.

Much of the land is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation with many rare species now found here including butterfly breeds like the marsh fritillary, adonis blue and brown hairstreak.

Most parts of the Plain is also designated as a Special Protection Area for birds, such as the stone curlew where 10% of the UK population are found.

There are special routes for walkers to take through the Plain provided by Defence Training Estate Salisbury Plain (DTE SP) including the Imber Range Perimeter Path.

Some areas are closed to the public when military training and firing takes place. Please take note of the Red flags which are flown, or lamps lit at night around the danger areas, which denote when public access is prohibited. When the flags are down or lamps unlit at night you may enter this Danger Area.

The lost Salisbury Plain village of Imber is also one to head to, on the days it is open to the public.


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