'Happy to Chat' benches in Salisbury

Aimed to promote mental wellness and tackle loneliness amongst Salisbury's residents, six 'Happy to Chat' benches have been installed in the city centre and parks. 

The idea is to break down social barriers and encourage conversation in the Salisbury community, with people from all generations invited to stop for a chat and share a smile with each other at these dedicated spots. 

There are three benches located in Salisbury city centre and one in each of the follow city parks; Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Churchill Gardens and Victoria Park. Maps highlighting each of the bench locations can be seen below. 

The benches are easily identifiable with a 'Happy to Chat' plaque on the backrest.

Salisbury is recognised as one of England's best places to live, and it's initiatives like this that make our city the truly special place it is to live.

With improving mental health and reducing loneliness as a key local priority in Salisbury, the new 'Happy to Chat' benches project has been jointly funded by Wiltshire Council's Salisbury Area Board and Salisbury City Council.

A downloadable poster for businesses and community groups can be found here.

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