How to have a green Christmas this year

Climate change has forced many of us to think differently about how we live and the impact we have on the world around us.  

If you want to be more sustainable, more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment this Christmas you don’t need to look any further than our beautiful city. 

There are many ways you can have a fun Christmas and do your bit for the environment thanks to Salisbury businesses.... 

Blueberry Den 

Blueberry Den is Salisbury’s first zero-waste shop. They offer a selection of quality refills and gorgeous plastic-free items, many of them handmade in Wiltshire.  

There are baking and cooking ingredients for your festive cakes and Christmas dinner, drinks, breads and cereals as well as refill kitchen products.  

Plus, if you’re looking for environmentally friendly gifts, they also have those too! You can find Blueberry Den on Winchester Street and online. 

Artisan Wine and Spirit Co.  

If you’re looking for a Christmas tipple then Artisan Wine and Spirit Co. on Winchester Street have found you an eco-friendly way to top up the drink's cabinet. Artisan is the first refillable whisky shop in England, stocking five straight-from-cask single malt whiskies which can be bought in refillable containers. 

Scent & Colour 

The products at Scent & Colour are all made with nature in mind, and they’ll make someone smell wonderful this Christmas! The company hand-craft natural perfume by blending vegan essential oils. None of the perfumes are tested on animals. They are carefully handmade in Spain and registered by the CPNP – the European Portal for cosmetics – which proves its origin, quality and fair trade. Find them in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre. 

Casa Fina

Casa Fina on the High Street offers refills for Bramley products, including hair and body wash, hand cream, hand wash and hand sanitiser. This means you can keep and recycle the bottles, filling them up again rather than throw them away. Use them in your own home this Christmas, or gift them to a loved-one. 

Timber Treasures 

On Salisbury High Street, Timber Treasures has a vast range of products, many of which are handmade using wood from locally sourced timbers. 

The company’s founder and owner, David Gladden, creates most of his designs from bits of wood that have been found on the ground, so no need to fell any trees. It’s a lovely touch that you know exactly where the wood was found too. His handcrafted eco-friendly bowls would look beautiful on any Christmas table. 

Clearway Pets 

Even pets can go green this Christmas! Clearway Pets in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre have plastic-free toys that are made from sustainable plant products like the willow balls below. The Nature First products shown below are 100% natural and provide a healthy boredom breaking treat and nibbly challenge! Clearway also has bird seed in bio degradable bags and you can take your own bag for seed refills!

etica Boutique 

etica is an ethical boutique on St Thomas’ Square. Etica actually means 'ethical' in Italian and they work hard to make sure all the products they stock are ethically produced. If you are looking for eco-presents this Christmas, they have many options from bags, cushions, clothes, beauty products and jewellery. 

Share Salisbury 

Share Salisbury is a social enterprise which gives the community access to a ‘Library of Things’ to borrow either on a one-off basis or at reduced cost with membership plan. That way people don’t have to buy new, which is better for the environment. It could make a big difference to Christmas this year.

Why not borrow a projector and screen for Christmas movies, a sewing machine to make festive decorations or a suitcase to finally get away to see the relatives this Christmas! They even did a toy swap earlier this month. Find more information here. 


For children.... 

Fisherton Mill 

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly present for a child this Christmas then these sets at Fisherton Mill are well worth a look. Re,Cylce,Me takes rubbish that you may have hanging around the house and turns it into something new – like a robot, musical instrument or game. Fun and good for the planet! 

Rocketship Bookshop 

Help even the youngest children learn about climate change and the world around us with a range of educational but fun books. Rocketship Bookshop on Bridge Street is great at giving customers advice on which stories weave sustainability into the plot. Amara And The Bats, The Last Seaweed and Clean Up! are just some of the ones to look out for. 

Whatever you need for Christmas – from presents to food, drink and entertainment – Salisbury has it all. 

Head to the Experience Salisbury blog page for more inspiration.  

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