Cake with Joe and Jayne

The podcast series ‘Cake with Joe and Jayne’ was launched by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to give staff the chance to discuss what makes each of us who we really are.

The series is hosted by two staff members, Joe Cousins, Recruitment Team Leader, and Jayne Sheppard, one of the Trust’s Heads of Nursing. Together, they talk with colleague about their identities and life challenges. 

Each podcast explores what it is that makes us who we are and covers serious subjects with moments of revelation and levity. By exploring these issues the listener will uncover more about the guests and increase their understanding of the diverse characters that make up the Trust workforce.

Salisbury Foundation NHS Trust CEO Stacey Hunter, who discusses her sexuality in one podcast, said: “We are all more than just a job title or profession. We want our staff to be to be seen as individuals, with interests, passions and challenges beyond their jobs. The more we can understand each other and be sensitive to issues that affect us, the better and more compassionate environment we can create at work and in the community. These podcasts take a step in the direction of openness we want to foster.”

The podcasts can found on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen to them on Acast’s website or on the Salisbury District Hospital website by clicking here.

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