A Q&A with the cast of Cinderella

The magic of panto returns to Salisbury Playhouse on the 26th of November and everyone is invited to the ball for a family favourite - Cinderella!

Christmas is always a special time at the theatre and Salisbury Playhouse is famous for its award-winning pantomimes. Directed by Wiltshire Creative’s Artistic Director Gareth Machin, the following cast will take to the stage to entertain children and grownups alike in this wonderful retelling of this classic tale:

Lucy Aiston, (Hastag)
Samuel Ashall (Swing)
Alex Crandon (Deldini)
Fergie Fraser (Viral)
Daniel Goode (Lady Stella Hardup)
Dani Hardy (Swing)
Jade Johnson (Fairy Showbiz)
George Olney (Prince)
Jasmine Triadi (Cinderella)

Experience Salisbury caught up with the cast of Cinderella to hear more about this fun festive production.

What can people expect from this year's panto? 

Jade Johnson: “Lots of glitter! Lots of fun, lots of joy and escape from what's going on in the world at the moment. It’s a bit of happiness.”

Lucy Aiston: “It's going be a right laugh and it's full of current humour as well. There is something for parents, kids and teenagers - there’s something for everyone.”

Alex Crandon: “It’s fun for all the family and a space where people can just have a good time. There are a lot of Salisbury jokes too!”

How does it feel to see the full return of panto this year?

Jasmine Triadi: “Everyone's come back with a real buzz and I think because the creative team and the theatre haven't done it in ages, everyone's just really eager to get in the room, get going and have fun.”

Alex Crandon: “You feel the support from creatives and any locals that we've met. Everyone's so excited about it. This is the first year that you can say that panto is back again. It all feels very celebratory.”

Daniel Goode: “Salisbury Playhouse is throwing everything at it and they're doing everything they can to make it to a beautiful show."

Jasmine Triadi: “The scale of it is like nothing I've ever seen, especially for a theatre outside of the big London theatres.

“The first day we saw the set box and costume designs my jaw was on the ground and it's really exciting to be part of that.”

Are you looking forward to spending the festive season in Salisbury?

Lucy Aiston: “We love Salisbury, although it does rain a lot!”

Jade Johnson: “Other than that it’s lovely. It’s full of character and really nice at Christmas - we’ve just seen a cute gingerbread house has popped up!”

Alex Crandon: “Salisbury really values its history and the Playhouse is a big part of that. It's real pleasure to be part of the community for a while.”

What do you like about Playhouse and performing in this space?

Jade Johnson: “We've not been in the theatre yet, but we saw Good Luck Studio which was here in the first week of our rehearsals and the space is lovely. I think the auditorium is set up in such an inviting way so that every single seat has an engaging view.”

Alex Crandon: “It’s quite amazing how it is very intimate but then the performance space can fit so much stage. I've never worked in a theatre where they've got the wardrobe and set design and everything's being done in the same place.”

What has been your highlight of this panto so far? 

Jade Johnson: “For me, it was when we did our first round. It was great fun and we did it with our youth company as well, who are amazing. 

“It was our first time doing everything as if it were the show - up until then it was all very hypothetical and I didn't know how it was all going to piece together because there are a lot of little sections that are all absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Seeing it take shape was amazing.”

Lucy Aiston: “I think for me it was the readthrough on the very first day when everyone was laughing." 

Daniel Goode: “People have worked exceptionally hard, and that's what I noticed is there isn't anybody in this that isn't giving it their all.

“You can tell that everyone, across the board, loves what they're doing. They know it matters to this theatre and they're working so hard - it’s admirable.”

Alex Crandon: “It feels like an anticipated highlight but I'm so looking forward to getting into costumes and on set and getting everything together and adding that final element. I think that's when it will really come together."

Jade Johnson: “I know I'm probably gonna be quite emotional in that first performance, especially because for some, it's like they've waited three years for it.” 

Cinderella is on at Salisbury Playhouse from Saturday 26th November 2022 - 8th January 2023. Tickets are now on sale starting from £15 - get yours here!

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