Traditional Original

Salisbury is a modern medieval city with the rare mix of the old and the new. We are a true Traditional Original. Through the Salisbury brand we celebrate this melting pot of history, heritage, creativity and imagination that sets us apart.  

The beginning of a new brand 

In 2018, the City Partners embarked on a new vision for Salisbury. They decided to develop a new brand for the city that would showcase Salisbury’s unique offering. The branding would also be instrumental in developing strategic plans for the future of the city. It would act as a filter to help shape the big decisions affecting the city. 

Consulting a city 

It was important that the people of Salisbury got a say in their new city brand.  

Business owners and residents from all walks of life sat down for in-depth, one-to-one interviews. There were practical workshops, focus group sessions and more than 1,000 Salisbury residents, visitors, stakeholders and potential investors shared their thoughts through an online survey. The Salisbury competitive brand positioning is built on what they revealed. 

Traditional, Original 

Salisbury’s new positioning evolved from the consultation process.  

It found that at the heart of the Salisbury experience is a blend of tradition, imagination, invention and originality that makes our city stand out from the crowd.  This combination can be summed up in just two words: Traditional, Original. 

The Salisbury marque 

Salisbury is a city full of life and energy. Salisbury is vibrant and connected and is a place where fascinating conversations and ideas flow.   

To celebrate all of this, an exciting new Salisbury marque was developed (seen below). It now forms part of the brand positioning. 

The image was co-created by talented students from Wiltshire College alongside design experts from Heavenly. Their idea was inspired by the cathedral stonemasons that chiselled and crafted the stones that built the city 800 years ago. 

City involvement 

Externally, we will use Salisbury's new Traditional Original positioning to shine a light on the city, creating clarity for the visitors, residents, investors and businesses that we are seeking to attract.

Internally, we will offer guidance, encouragement and resources to partners, groups and businesses to help them use the brand in ways that will inspire connectivity and cohesiveness in the Salisbury message.

You can now help to put Salisbury on the map. Why not use the brand to create a Traditional Original event or use the professional photographs to showcase the city on your social media? These are all things you can do, and there is a helpful, free toolkit that enables you to do this on the website.  

Recent events that have incorporated the new brand include Taste Salisbury and Salisbury Street Sellers. As well as the Experience Salisbury website.

Head to the Traditional Original website for all the details on the brand, messaging, free resources including images and how you can put them to best use. 

There’s no time like the present to champion the virtues of our Traditional Original Salisbury. 

If you have further questions about Salisbury's new brand, see our FAQ page.



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