International Bartender Day

February 24th marks International Bartender Day, and to celebrate, Experience Salisbury have pulled together a few of Salisbury’s best bartenders to show us, and you, their favourite beverages 🍸



Bar Supervisor at The Cosy Club created a Clover Club 🍀

As part of the sour family, and made with Raspberry Gin Sour, this cocktail is a perfect balance of sweetness, citrus and spirit. Duncan has been in hospitality for 2 years but has been making cocktails for more than 4 years.




Bar Supervisor at Caboose composed a Basil Smash 🍃

With freshly ground basil, Bombay Sapphire Gin, melon juice and lemon juice. A winning combination of a sweet, zesty melon taste, and a crisp basil scent – this cocktail was a real sensory experience. James has been in hospitality for 7 months and has already mastered those quirky Caboose cocktails.




Bar Supervisor at Qudos shook up a Tequila Sunrise 🍹

Using Tequila Silver, Cointreau, lemon juice, orange juice and Grenadine. This refreshingly bright mix has a slight citrus edge to keep that sweetness in check. Sam has been in hospitality for 10 years and is a master at his craft with over 8 years making cocktails, both here and in London.




Bartender at the Salisbury Arms made us a Bramble 🫐

A sweet mix of gin, lemon, sugar and crème de mure; this cocktail had a strong blackberry taste and was a visual delight as the liqueur seeped through the ice cubes. Louis is fairly new to the cocktail game and has only been making them for 2/3 months – brilliant job though as the Bramble tasted amazing.


Bar Manager at the Salisbury Arms crafted an Espresso Martini 🍸

A freshly made in-house cold brew espresso, shaken with Kahlua, Absolut Vanilla and a dash of sugar, this cocktail could keep us dancing all night. Alex has been creating cocktails for more than 5 years.



Make sure you try them all as these tasty creations were divine 😍

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