Frequently asked questions about Salisbury's brand

We understand that 'brand' is a complex term and even more complicated when talking about the brand of a place. Some people may think 'brand' is marketing jargon, others may think it's a logo.

So we've put together some questions to give you more information about Salisbury's new Traditional Original brand, and to you why it's important and that it's much more than just a logo!

Why was a new brand for Salisbury created and why was this important?

On the 4th of March 2018 Salisbury found itself at the centre of a major news story when Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious in the city. After numerous tests, and a race against time to treat the father and daughter, they were found to have been poisoned by Novichok.

As the crisis unfolded, and the nerve agent attack was attributed to the Russians, Salisbury took action. City partners knew they needed to pull together to aid recovery. That by forging closer alliances and increased joint-working they could support the city, increase footfall and re-build a damaged economy.

In the autumn of 2018, six months after the Novichok poisonings, this new joint-working led to city partners commissioning a project to help re-brand the city. They wanted to show the real story - that the city is strong, resilient, beautiful and a true Traditional Original.

The new brand will help the city move forward, to innovate, drive recovery, draw on our past and look forward to a bright future.

To say to residents and visitors - we are here and we are open. 800 years and still going strong.

Who are the partners behind Salisbury's brand initiative?

Salisbury BID, Salisbury City Council and VisitWiltshire, with the support of VisitBritain/VisitEngland (Discover England Fund), Wiltshire Council and others local organisations came together to take control of the city's messaging. 

The partnership initiated this pioneering branding project aimed at helping the city to once again confidently tell its story to the world, helped by a clear positioning and fresh identity. 

The aim of the project was to create a clear, concise brand and narrative to use to support economic growth and investment, and to build Salisbury’s reputation as a great place to live, work, study, and visit.

A 'Brand, Marketing and Communications' partnership group consisting of Experience Salisbury, Salisbury BID, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury City Council, VisitWiltshire, Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Creative has now been established and are the driving force behind the city's brand.

How was Salisbury's branding project funded?

The initiative was funded by national tourism agency VisitEngland through their Discover England Fund. This was supplemented by financial and in-kind contributions from a number of Salisbury's leading organisations.

How will the 'Traditional Original' concept be applied?

The Traditional Original positioning will be used to shape Salisbury's messages and to influence future events, programming, attractions, products and developments across the city.


We will celebrate our history and respect our heritage.

We will celebrate traditional English craft, products and produce.

We will help visitors get closer to our living history.

Our events will celebrate the traditions that have shaped Salisbury.


We will celebrate the creativity and imagination of our people and our city.

We will make the most of our originality. We will celebrate the independent, the unique, the quirky and the eccentric.

We will do what’s right for Salisbury. We won’t copy other places.

Our goal will be to establish new traditions for the future. Traditions that others will want to follow.

What's the rationale behind the Salisbury marque?

The marque was co-created with talented young design students from Wiltshire College. The new Salisbury identity marque is inspired by the skills and features from the very origins of the city.  

Inspired by the stonemasons that chiselled and crafted the stones that built the city 800 years ago, the angular characteristics have informed the shape of each of the letters in the new Salisbury word marque. Each letter reflects a part of the fascinating story of Salisbury.

How will city partners use the brand?

The brand is already being used by Salisbury's leading partners.

It has been adopted across the new Experience Salisbury website. As well as incorporating the new marque, the site also used the branding and values to inspire all designs, written content and photography.

Within the city, the new branding is to be showcased on lamp post banners in the Market Square along with a re-fresh of the Salisbury Information Centre and signage throughout the city.

As well as being visible through Salisbury's marketing and communications, the brand will also be used to influence events, city initiatives and strategic decisions such as infrastructure plans and developments.

How can I use Salisbury's new brand?

Salisbury's businesses are encouraged to get on board and use the city's new brand. Everyone will have free access to Salisbury's marque and brand assets from Autumn 2021.

In the meantime, businesses are encouraged to use the brand by implementing our Traditional Original positioning and brand values in communications, products and experiences.

If you want to use the new brand, asking these questions will help position your offering and communication in line with the city's values:

How do you talk about your business and Salisbury? Our city values ambition, independence, care and creativity; is your messaging consistent with these values? 

Whether your business sells food and drink, physical items, or provides a service or an experience, does your offer reflect the ambition, independence, care and creativity of Salisbury?

You can find more information and a free resource toolkin at

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