Indies Window Trail from Salisbury BID and local artist Michele Millidge

Salisbury Business Improvement District (BID) is delighted to unveil a series of stunning illustrated windows designed by local artist Michele Millidge, marking a vibrant start to Indies Week 2024. From 1-7 July, the city will be adorned with hand-painted window designs that celebrate the unique and dynamic spirit of Salisbury's independent businesses.

Michele Millidge’s beautiful window illustrations are a testament to the creativity and vitality of Salisbury’s indie community. Each window features celebratory bunting, eclectic florals, and a collection of inspiring phrases, each unique and emphasizing the importance of supporting our independent business community. These artworks not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city but also serve as a visual narrative of the independent spirit that defines Salisbury.

Visitors and residents are encouraged to explore the city and experience each of these artistic window displays in person. The indie phrases and vibrant designs make every window a unique discovery, so Salisbury BID is inviting people to wander through our city’s historic streets, appreciate the beautiful designs and pop in store to support our amazing community of independent businesses.

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRAIL MAP HERE or pick one up from the Information Centre, Fish Row

Join Salisbury BID in celebrating Indies Week 2024 by exploring these beautiful window illustrations and supporting our city’s unrivalled indie business community.

Indies Week Decorated Windows:


DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE TRAIL MAP HERE or pick one up from the Information Centre, Fish Row

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