Salisbury celebrates independents month with free shopping bags

July is Independents Month, and throughout the month Experience Salisbury will be championing and celebrating the city’s impressive array of independent businesses.

For over 800 years Salisbury has been a guiding light for all who value originality and it is our independent businesses that continue this tradition, giving residents and visitors an offering you won’t find on any other high street.

Salisbury is lucky to have over 200 indies from hairdressers to pet stores and restaurants to clothes shops.

The last few years haven’t been easy for them, especially with a pandemic to deal with, but they have remained strong and their resilience and spirit has shone through.

We are proud of the strength of our city and its business community which is why, throughout Independents Month, we will celebrate our wonderful indies and recognise all their hard work and support.

As part of celebrations, shoppers will be able to get their hands on a free Salisbury shopping bag from independent businesses across the city centre.

Experience Salisbury Shopping Tote Bag

The stylish cotton tote shopping bags have been funded by Salisbury BID and are designed with the new Salisbury branding. Shoppers will receive one, for free, when they spend over £20 in the following participating independent businesses:

Please note, this offer only applies to the Salisbury city centre branches of these businesses. 

Experience Salisbury

There are many reasons to shop with our local indies: the vast array of unique shops keeps the city centre vibrant, they help entice visitors and the money we spend in them is kept in the local economy. Thank you for supporting Salisbury's independents.

Salisbury. Independent and strong.

A focus on indies...

07 Jul 2021

New independent businesses opened in Salisbury during Covid

As Independents Month continues, we celebrate all those new indies that have bravely launched during the coronavirus crisis and are now part of the Salisbury city centre independent business community.

30 Jun 2021

Only in Salisbury

Salisbury is a city that values craftsmanship. We encourage and celebrate independent businesses that trade in Salisbury provenance, in the craft and care that are the signatures of our city. We've put together some of the handcrafted gems that you'll only find in Salisbury.

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